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Tulu (Shepherd Beds) and Gabbeh

Village Woman Milking a Goat
She says she can make great tulu rugs!

Shepherds are a crucial existence in Near Eastern life. In many cases, they roam the countryside spending long solitary hours taking care of the sheep and goats that provide essential milk for cheese and yogurt, meat for feasting, and wool for carpet making. The wool produced by sheep living high in the mountains are unbelievably soft and full of lanolin, providing a beautiful sheen. This is a result of living on good, rich grass and beautiful air. This is a collection of tulus, shepherd beds, used by these nomadic and semi-nomadic guardians of the animals.

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Carpet ID: G01
Persian Gabbeh Rug

Type:Antique Pile rug 
Region/Tribe:Iran Gabbeh Tribe
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 80 Years Old
Size: 4'" x 6'"
Note: .Great colors and tree of life design. Have been use as a Shepherd's bed. Very unique tribal rug.
Price: Sold


Carpet ID: AY53
Konya Gabbeh Rug

Type: Pile rug 
Region/Tribe: Konya Gabbeh Ereyli Tribe
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: New
Size: 4'5" x 6'3" (126cm x 187cm)
Note: Great colors. Fantastic soft wool. Nice rug for a kid's room.

I have a strong personal draw to these beautiful tulus. There are beautiful pieces of art, and also important items that provide comfort to the shepherds. My grandfather, until his recent retirement, was the main shepherd for my village. He spent many solitary hours high up in the mountains taking care of all of the sheep and goats of our village. Until I was thirteen, I also worked as his helper, assisting him in the care of the animals. Looking at these beautiful shepherd beds bring back wonderful memories of the time spent with him. When you reminisce, it is amazing how even the memories of difficult times become beautiful.

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Carpet ID: AY20
Persian Gabbeh Rug

Type: Antique Pile rug 
Region/Tribe: Iran Gabbeh Tribe
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 80 Years Old
Size: 5' x 7' 
Note: Great natural colors.Have been use as a shepherd's bed. Some undyed wool. Very unique tribal rug.
Price: Sold


Carpet ID: AY21
Nigde Fertek Tulu Rug

Type:Antique Pile rug 
Region/Tribe:Central Turkey Nigde Fertek Tribe
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 100 Years Old
Size: 4'2" x 6'3" (126cm x 187cm)
Note: Great natural colors. Has been used as a shepherd's bed. All undyed wool. Kilim part has some goat hair. Pile is poor in some place.

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