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The Sofra Tradition: Picnic on the Rugs

Village Women Preparing for a Wedding Feast
Note that they are also sitting around a simple sofra.

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Picnics are an important aspect of Turkish family life. In the summer, even in the busy city of Istanbul, you can often see families sitting on patches of grass in parks or even the side of highways, enjoying the art of picnicking. Sofras are the square-shaped kilims and cicims, which are used on such occasions. They are also used in village houses, where villagers often sit on the floor and eat their meals. In my mother's home, this is the way we enjoy all of our daily meals.

Central Anatolian Landscape - River


Carpet ID: HYA800
Western Turkey Tribal Cicim Sofra

Type: Semi-old Embroidery sofra Cicim
Region/Tribe:South of Turkey; Alanya Tribe
Material: Wool on wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 60 years old
Size: 3'2" x 3'3" (100cm x 104cm)
Note:Great colors and design. Beautiful embroidery on top of the flat weave kilim. Have been use as a picnicking. Very tightly embroidery.Very unique piece.
Price: SOLD 

Turkish Picnic Recipes

Turkish pinics are usually a simple, but filling affair.

Must haves are:

- Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
- Cheese
- Boiled eggs
- Olives
- Salam (Turkish version of processed meat)
- Homemade jam (several kinds such as sour cherry, figs, and berries)
- Never forget the BREAD!
- And of course, lots and lots of TEA!!!

Also often included are:

- Watermelon or other seasonal fruit
- Shepherd's Salad (Coban Salatasi)
- Bulgur pilaf
- Raw onions

Sofras are used both in village houses and for picnics. A crucial part of life, it is closely related to their religion as well, since it is considered shameful to waste any food. By using the sofra, people can ensure that none of the food falls on the ground and is wasted. At the end of the meal, the mother or the daughter will carefully collect all of the leftovers and crumbs in the middle of the sofra, wrap it up and bring it to the chicken house to feed the chickens. This way, there is no waste. Being an important part of their lives and beliefs, people are always careful to never walk on the sofras with their shoes on, even in outside settings such as picnics.

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Carpet ID: HY710
South East Turkey Mut Cicim

Type: Antique Cicim Sofra
Region/Tribe: South East Turkey, Mersin
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 100 years old
Size: 3'2" x 3'2" (110cm x 110cm)
Note: Fantastic colors especially blue, red,and apricot. Great piece with fantastic river design. Very tightly Embroidery on goat hair. Very unique piece will be beautiful on the wall.
Price: USD $ 


Carpet ID: HY713
Izmir Bergama Cicim

Type: Semi-antique Embroidered Cicim and Kilim  Piece
Region/Tribe: West of Turkey Bergama Tribe
Material: Wool on Wool 100% Hand Spun
Age: 70 Years Old
Size: 3'2" x 3'2" (100cm x 100cm)
Note: Great colors and design. Beautiful embroidery on top of the flatweave kilim. Have been use as a nomadic picnic sofra.Very tightly embroidery.
Price: SOLD 


Carpet ID: HY028
Southern Turkey Mut Tribal Kilim Sofra

Type: Semi-old flatweave sofra kilim
Region/Tribe: Southeastern Turkey; Mut Tribe
Material: Wool on wool
Age: 40 years old
Size: 3' 3" x 5' 2" (98cm x 157cm)
Note: Embroidery on the bordors. The background is undyed wool.
Price: SOLD 

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